as a Best Education Portal Award 2016

An educated population is essential to Nation’s prosperity, keeping this fact in mind we started a year back with a vision to provide “one stop solution” to the students. Initially implementing such thought was not easy as we want to achieve what people are already delivering in the Market but they are focusing on individual services. What makes unique from others is our idea to bring different services under one roof that too free of cost (the services available till date are free of cost for all)

Starting a new concept is never easy, we have to face the criticism at every level and market doesn’t accept you easily either. The journey was not easy and still we have too much to achieve with every passing day. But when you set your goal, always try to be as specific as possible. Raising expectation is easy, living by such expectations is something needs to cater.

We entered in the market as an Education Portal a year back, initially our education portal caters the need of the students till Post Graduation, We have more than 2000 colleges listed on our portal. Student can search, review the colleges based on location, category, courses offered, and facilities available there without visiting the campus. We also help students to get the admissions in the college of their own choices.

Our Education portal is not restricted to the colleges, in the race of being the “BEST” we also have existence in career counseling area where we help/guide those students who find themselves on crossroad or yet to decide what is best for them, we help them to explore the opportunities available and which are relevant to their interest level. We provide one on one session, workshops in schools, societies and corporate.

Market acceptance is the foremost requirement for any project, when the services satisfy the needs of a sufficiently large number of customers then you are accepted by the market. The number of registrations we are getting and the number of queries we are handling every day give us the sense of acceptance by the market.

Today our portal not only serving as a solution for all career related queries but it is also bridging the gap between colleges and students, employers and employees. With the aim of ‘Getting right people into right places’, we have just introduced our job portal where we are catering the needs of both Employers and Employees.

Innovation is the ultimate requirement for any business to grow indefinitely. Education sector doesn’t have any restricted territory and still there is much more to explore. has been awarded as Best Education Portal 2015 for which our team has worked hard. This is not the end of the road, still there is a long way to go. We have dedicated team members who are constantly shaping it by adding new services and maintaining the quality of the existing.

Future Perspective: Very soon our portal will reach to every nook and corner of the nation through its elaborated franchise program. "" is based on futuristic approach. Coming time would be amalgamation of technology and knowledge and the portal will leave no stone unturned to meet the expectations of future generation.