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Elderly Counseling

Ageing is a very natural process but with physical limitations it is very tiring and exhausting for the mind as well. Elderly people are generally not able to talk about themselves and express their opinions be it because of a so called generation gap or because their opinions are generally not given much attention. Most of the aged people don’t realize the importance of counseling services despite what their conversation reveals about them in terms of serious issues. There is a lot of advancement in medical field to increase the life of an individual but the quality should matter more than the quantity. Elderly people generally feel neglected and might not talk even about the serious issues they’re facing just because of the fear of the consequences without actually realizing them. Counseling has been found to be effective for older adults experiencing distress, and it’s clearly superior to medication because of the increased risk of pharmacological side effects in the elderly. When indicated, a combination of medication and counseling can be a successful intervention for psychological symptoms.